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Katy Alexander, Artistic Director
Night Parrot Productions
M: 0425 247 374

Alter Ego is a new outdoor projection theatre work by Night Parrots. Using interaction between live performers and large-format digital projection, Alter Ego explores the fear and exhilaration of meeting the other self, the darker reflection of our being, encountering our own fears, ghosts, past actions and potentials.


We confront, headlong the reflection, and are haunted by aspects of our own selves, real or imagined, embraced or resisted.


Devised in collaboration with a theatre director, video artist, choreographer, sound designer, and 4 performers, Alter Ego has been designed specifically to explore the relationship between live performance, moving images and the city. Alter Ego was developed in 2012, through a creative development residency at NIDA, and has been generously supported by Heckler, TAFE Design Centre, Enmore and EDI Events.


Artistic Director:
Katy Alexander
Video Artist:
Louis Pratt
Tanya Voges
Sound Designer & Composer:
Braedy Neal
Production Managers:
Luke Woolley, Sarah Stait
Damian Asher, Sean Hawkins, Brett Rogers, Matthew Walker